Machine Learning Software Engineer (Robotics)


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X is a moonshot factory where uncomfortably ambitious, potentially world-changing new ideas such as self-driving cars, balloon-powered Internet and smart contact lenses are developed and taken out into the world. X projects have the potential to transform the lives of billions of people and make the world a radically better place. We’re a team of makers, entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists with deep technical expertise who love the challenge of the seemingly impossible. X was formerly known as Google[x]

We believe there are many problems in the world in which robotics could play a significant role in making it easier, faster and safer for people to get things done. We’re looking for roboticists, designers, hardware and software engineers to help us explore these possibilities, develop breakthrough technologies, and build new products that could help millions of people.

As a robotics engineer trained in Machine Learning, you possess strong C/C++ skills, and are excited about making robots significantly more capable than they are today at performing useful tasks in real environments. In a team of software engineers, roboticists, and control engineers, you are expected to develop systems to allow robots to perceive and understand the environment as well as learn new tasks easily.


– Work with world-class experts in the field of Machine Learning, Perception, and Manipulation
– Advance the state of the art in getting real robots to understand their environment and perform everyday tasks

Minimum qualifications:

– MS degree in Robotics, Computer Science or equivalent practical experience.
– Experience in ML, especially deep reinforcement learning.
– Experience programming in TensorFlow, C++ and Python
– Experience in hands-on robotics research

Preferred qualifications:

– PhD in Robotics, Computer Science or equivalent field.
– Strong leader in applying ML to robotics system

Caractéristiques de l'emploi

Catégorie emploiInformatique, Ingénieur en Intelligence Artificielle, Machine Learning
QualificationPhD in Robotics, Computer Science or equivalent field. Strong leader in applying ML to robotics system