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Announcing Singularity University’s 2015 Impact Report and More


Rob Nail
Associate Founder & CEO
Singularity University

Dear Community Member,

2014 was an amazing year for impact!

Singularity University had many accomplishments that were achieved due to the commitment of each one of you to make the impossible possible and maximize global impact for billions of lives through exponential technology solutions.

2015 Impact Report

I am excited to share with you a copy of our 2015 Impact Report.

This report highlights our organizational success and that of our alumni community to scale impact globally in 2014 and cumulatively since our founding in 2008. It also features several impact stories from our alumni community.

As you see in the report, we have made leaps and bounds towards our 2020 milestones. In summary, we have educated over 8,600 individuals, catalyzed over 100 impact initiatives and have brought together a community of alumni and participants present in 93 countries.

We officially launched the Impact Report on Monday, June 15 at our second annual Exponential Impact Day, a one-day event focused on exponential technologies and humanitarian impact.

Engagement Opportunities

On Impact Day, we announced an array of Engagement Opportunities for our community to collaborate with us to forge better futures for billions of lives. We offer opportunities to guide innovation as mentors, collaborate on big issues as Impact Partners, and fund a diverse community of doers having impact by supporting our programs, activities and initiatives.

Take a look at our Engagement Opportunities and share with your networks.

Singularity University Impact Challenge

Finally, as part of our goal to have impact in our local community, I am excited to announce that we are introducing a new competition this year, the Singularity University Impact Challenge, to bring exponential technology solutions to local and regional challenges in the surrounding area of Singularity University.

This year’s competition is focused on solving the California drought and will be open from June 15 to September 15, 2015. The winners will be able to build out their winning solutions at our SU Startup Lab on our campus. Share and apply now!

You can keep up with these exciting opportunities on our Impact webpage.

Thank you for all your support of Singularity University.

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